by Malcolm Graham, June 2004
One of the managers I worked with at Nortel Networks for over 15 years recently retired. For some time, he had been expressing an interest in genealogy and years earlier I'd given him a copy of PAF2. He wanted to be able to include photographs, so PAF2 wasn't suitable for his requirements (Version 4+ supports multimedia). I did some research and bought him a genealogy program as a retirement present. I ended up giving him a program called Generations; I wouldn't recommended it now. Currently, I've narrowed my list of recommended programs, in order of personal preference, to those listed below. My first choice is Legacy Family Tree.

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IBM computer: Pentium, 128 MB RAM, Win95, WinNT, Win2000, WinME, WinXP

  • The Standard version is free; the Deluxe version, with more features, is worth the cost; the software is updated frequently
  • Can open 2 database files simultaneously for comparison purposes with ability to drag & drop information between them
  • Can open up to 8 view windows in the same file
  • Direct import of PAF 2.31/3.0/4.0 & Ancestral Quest 2/3 files
  • Full support of LDS GEDCOM 5.5 (also see the PDF and WordPerfect versions), PAF, Ancestral File, and Temple Submission formats
  • Supports inclusion of photos, video, and sound with full GEDCOM 5.5 import/export (by reference)
  • Supports photo format conversions, rotation, adjustments (brightness, sharpness, contrast), direct scan import
  • Creation of personal web pages with inclusion of photos
  • Supports creation of PDF and RTF files
  • Extensive report generation options
  • Complete source citation system
  • To-Do List and Research Log feature
  • Support for RIN and MRIN renumbering and creation of custom ID numbers
  • Windows-based interface; no Mac version. If you want to run it on a Mac, consider purchasing a PC emulator; as a bonus, you will also be able to run other Windows programs. For guidance, see; consider the Blue Label PowerEmulator first (you will need a Windows OS)

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Free download
IBM computer: Pentium, 64MB RAM, Win95, Win98, WinNT, Win2000, WinME, WinXP, Palm OS

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  3. Follow the online instructions to download the PAF program and related files
  • Excellent cost (free) and support from LDS Family History centres and PAF User Groups
  • Supports inclusion of photos, video, and sound with full GEDCOM 5.5 import/export (by reference)
  • Supports creation of personal web pages
  • Supports export to PAF for Palm OS handhelds with a free viewer
  • Weak viewing and report generation options
  • Functional but uninspiring interface
  • Can open multiple databases simultaneously
  • PAF5 is only Windows-based (Mac version 2.3 has no multimedia support).
  • Excellent genealogical research web site @
  • CDs available for research purposes, at nominal cost, by selecting "Order/Download Products" and "Software Products" from

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IBM computer: Pentium, 64 MB RAM, Win95, Win98, WinNT, WinME, WinXP

  • Cost! However, it was my wife's favourite until we changed to Legacy Family Tree
  • The version we bought came with 35 CDs including the Canadian Genealogy Index CD for finding records of over 2 million people in Canada; other CDs reference over 60 million people from U.S. Social Security & Death, Military, Immigration, Marriage, and family history records
  • Good viewing, reporting, and map options
  • Excellent web site and access to additional data
  • Supports creation of personal web pages
  • Supports inclusion of photos, video, and sound within FTM file (no support for GEDCOM 5.5 import/export)
  • Can only open one database at a time
  • Partial support of LDS GEDCOM 5.5 (also see the PDF and WordPerfect versions), PAF, Ancestral File, and Temple Submission formats
  • Readily available in Canadian stores
  • If you live in Canada, don't buy upgrades from USA; with refunds, it's cheaper to buy a full version in Canada
  • For viewing GEDCOM files on your desktop, see GENViewer
  • For converting GEDCOM to HTML files, see GED Browser and webGED
  • For adding and viewing GEDCOM files from an HTML page, see GEN Viewer Applet (I use this applet to present my GEDCOM files)
  • Ged2DB converts GEDCOM files to an SQL-based relational database.
  • TNG The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding converts GEDCOM data to an MySQL database for dynamic display by PHP

For genealogy online, start with,,,,,,, Canadian Genealogy & History, National Genealogical Society; also see the following newsgroups: alt.genealogy, soc.genealogy.britain, soc.genealogy.computing, soc.genealogy.ireland, or soc.genealogy.marketplace