I believe that people are composed of three parts: an indestructible part, called intelligence, that has always existed, and always will; a spiritual material form that permanently encases this intelligence and that this encasement occurred at some time prior to this plane of reality under the direction of a superior intelligence, this union of intelligence and spiritual form I call my spirit; and finally, a superluminal physical part which encases my spirit, which I call my mortal soul, this union occurs in the fetus and is subject to separation that may occur temporarily during life and perhaps permanently at death. I believe that my spirit and physical body are connected by a silver cord [9] in the area of my heart [8]. I believe that all three parts could be inseparably joined at some future time in some other plane of reality, I refer to this union as my eternal soul.

I believe that this physical life has purpose and that this purpose is to learn to love each other. Social interactions seem to provide the opportunities for learning to love. The primary vehicle involved in social interaction is that of language. It would seem that some language forms mediate the development of loving and harmonious relationships. I believe that non-local realities exist as proven by Bell's Theorem [5, pp. 211-231]. I think that consciousness may exist in a non-local reality as postulated by David Bohm [2, pp. 172-213] and as quoted by Michael Talbot in Beyond the Quantum [6, pp. 41-44, 83-110]. Consciousness then exists outside the physical realm but its expression locally is mediated by language. I accept John Eccles explanation [4, pp. 154-167; also see Return of the Whole Person] that communication between non-local and local realities is achieved through the supplementary motor area (SMA) of the brain (located at the top of the brain), discovered by Canadian Wilder Penfield, and that such communication is indicated by a measurable readiness potential. Furthermore, I lean towards the idea that non-local realms are not constrained by the time-space continuum that seems to hold sway within our physical realm. Since I hold that consciousness is non-local, individual consciousness may be shared instantaneously across time and space; thereby giving the impression of a collective consciousness postulated by Carl Jung [3, pp. 59-69]. I also believe that consciousness itself is capable of evolving [7] and that it molds not only our perception of physical reality but that it is actively involved in creating its physical manifestation [10].

I believe that we are all embryotic gods and our destiny is to become gods; this is our true identity. The family provides the training environment for our purpose here; to learn to love. And hence there can be no compensation for failure in the home. Happiness, and unhappiness, has its origins within families; and families are meant to last forever. Whether or not our family will last forever is dependent upon certain personal actions we take during our earth life and upon our success in learning to love each other.

You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them. You're always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past. Richard Bach, Illusions [1, p. 63]


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