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I remember writing with ink and a wooden pen with a nib that I dipped in an inkwell on my desk when I was at school about 45 years ago. I used various Parker fountain pens for many years and the only fountain pens that I've owned and used for over 20 years are Sheaffer Targa pens. Until August 2006, I hadn't used any fountain pen for 10 years. Recently, I found my black and gold Targa along with ink cartridges and bottles, all Peacock Blue, and I started using it again. I also found my Sheaffer Calligraphy set and book, purchased in 1984; it is based on a Targa fountain pen with fine, medium, and broad italic nibs. I like pens with inlaid nibs and I plan to focus on collecting pens with them.

To learn more about fountain pens and collecting them, in August 2006 I purchased the books Fountain Pens: Past & Present, Collectible Fountain Pens, and Collecting Writing Instruments; I also contacted the president of the Ottawa Fountain Pen Society and plan to attend their monthly meetings. I'm also interested in calligraphy and graphology.

I've started a page to track my fountain pens and evaluations of them.

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Last modified: May 21, 2007